Management Module

Manage your orders and their data sheets and production lists!

Organise and share the management of your jobs

The Technical Management module allows the organised and shared management of production orders and the related data sheets and production lists.

Among other functionalities, the module allows:

  • Creation of your orders, either from the Quotation Module or ‘from scratch’ in a few seconds
  • Compilation and/or integration and modification of the data sheet
  • Allocation of individual orders to project leaders and follow-up of progress
  • Organisation and management of your company’s catalogue of standardised articles (supplier and company article master data, compatibility management, purchase list management, etc.)
  • Compilation of production list (materials and standardised, facilities in compilation, full audit of compilation activities)
  • Customised reporting of data sheet and removable list in various formats
  • Feeding external systems (purchasing module, planning module)

Collect and consult your data always online

The Technical Management Module of ITeM is made available in the cloud.

Access to the lists is made available both to internal design offices and to any external suppliers of design services.

One module for many functions!

ITeM’s Technical Management Module is the starting point for the organised governance of your company’s production management processes (from design to planning and purchasing).


The Technical Management Module of ITeM is designed to support the management of interfaces and data in several languages.

Multi currency

The module allows the management of multi-currency purchase lists.


Grants Management

The module natively manages users, roles and rights to individual system functions.

Purchase list management for standardised materials and components

The module allows the definition of several purchase lists (catalogue, rfq) and the historicization of the quotations for each of them.



Management of the job data sheet

The Technical Management Module of ITeM allows the compilation and printing of the technical data sheet of the job, acquiring data from the Quotation Module or loading them from scratch.

Management of the production list

The module allows an orderly compilation of the production list by internal design offices or by external designers. In the latter case, the external office has direct online access to the bill of materials assigned to it, allowing it to be managed in a shared manner with internal resources.


Management of supplier and company article catalogue

The module includes functions for managing the catalogue of material and standardised articles from the company’s suppliers and the association with a typical company article, in order to manage compatibility between articles from different suppliers and to allow orderly compilation of the bill of materials and cost-effective management of purchases.

CRM and Task Management

The module includes CRM and Task Management functionalities, represented on a user-friendly calendar structure.


The module includes a GANTT representation, for work in progress, of the occupation of company resources in terms of design and construction weeks.

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