Subscription pricing

Quotation Module

The Quotation Module of the ITeM system can be purchased individually according to the pricing scheme below.

Technical Module

The Technical Module of the ITeM system can be purchased individually according to the pricing scheme below.

Quotation & Technical Modules

The Quotation and the Technical Modules of the ITeM system can also be purchased in combination according to the price scheme below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions about ITeM subscriptions. Go to the Contact section for any further questions you may have!

What is included in the subscription?

This includes the functionalities indicated in the section of the Datitude website for the Quotation and/or Technical module.
The software is offered in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode.
The web application is installed at the cloud service provider indicated in the Subprocessor page.
The web application is installed in a virtual machine dedicated to Datitude and not exclusively dedicated to a single customer instance.
Each web application references a database that is dedicated (i.e. not shared) to a single instance of a customer.

What if I am no longer interested in using it?

You can stop using the application at any time and ask Datitude to delete your data.
Will be due to Datitude in any case the fees provided by the tariff plan initially chosen, according to the corresponding payment plan.

How do I subscribe?

Ask for a commercial contact with Datitude at the references indicated on the contact page. We will arrange with you the timing and method of activating the service.

Where are the data located and who has access to them?

Data is stored at the cloud service provider selected by Datitude and indicated on the Subprocessor page.
Data is stored within the European Union. The data may be accessed by users defined by the customer.
The staff of Datitude and cloud service providers may access your data only as
strictly necessary to carry out the activities delegated to them.

What if I need some customisation?

We will assess your needs with you and define the feasibility and introduction of the required customisations. Go to the contact page and ask to speak to one of our representatives.

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