Datitude S.r.l. (“Datitude” or “we”), in providing the Item Service, may engage third party service providers (“subcontractors or subprocessors”) to support data processing activities. Subprocessors may process, store, or access certain information or data of Datitude Customers in order to support and/or improve the Item Service.

Before activating a subcontractor, Datitude performs due diligence on the subcontractor’s privacy, information security, and data protection practices. Subcontractors may access data necessary to maintain and provide the Item Services delegated to them by Datitude.

The following table lists the subcontractors engaged by Datitude, the type of services they provide and the location where the delegated activities are performed.

ID Parametro Valore
1 Subcontractor Microsoft Azure
Type of service App service, computing, database, networking and storage
Geographical area European Union

Datitude reserves the right from time to time to remove or add subcontractors or to delegate additional activities for existing subcontractors depending on the evolution of functional, technical and commercial requirements.

Datitude will periodically update this page with an indication of currently active subcontractors.

Last updated: 07 November 2021