ITeM is a project that aims to create an innovative enterprise platform for companies operating in the precision mechanics sector to manage company operational processes and provide data collection & analytics services.

The ITeM project

The ITeM project consists of a cloud-based platform implemented using the latest and most innovative development paradigms to ensure:

  • the systematisation, collection and maintenance of the data that make up the company’s information assets throughout the production chain;
  • the development of a data-driven approach, which, on the basis of the target company’s information assets, guides and supports the design of business processes, the management of production processes and decision-making activities.

The ITeM platform aims to collect and organise the data that is produced at all stages of the business processes. The platform aims to be a tool that guides, governs and organises business processes by leveraging the information that can be derived from the company’s information assets.

Quotation Management

This is the module aimed at managing quotation activities and producing and organising offers to the final customers of the target companies and the orders received from them.
ITeM aims to support the quotation process by providing information on the actual costs incurred in the production phase of similar products according to the recorded historical data.

Technical Management

This is the module aimed at managing and monitoring the orders received from the customers of the target companies and in particular the representation of the production list as developed by the internal or external design office (PLM – product lifecycle management).


This is the module aimed at developing the processes to be carried out according to the production list and monitoring their progress. ITeM aims to support the planning processes by drawing on the data collected from the production lines in order to propose plans and planning hypotheses on the basis of the actual availability of machinery and production workers.


This is the module aimed at managing the procurement processes of materials and components useful for production and managing their movement within the company warehouses. The tool allows the adoption of data analytics tools to support purchasing decisions: inventory management, price trends on international markets, simulations of purchases when specific boundary conditions change, such as interest rates and exchange rates.

Budgeting & Forecasting

This is the module aimed at analysing economic efficiency linked to the entire production process. In particular, the module proposes to collect and compare the economic elements budgeted (budgeting materials, semi-finished products and processes) and actual (purchase management and effort for the development of internal processes) in order to monitor the margins achieved.